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【Freebie Inside!】Ring Sizing Guide for Download

Essential Virtual vs. Real Life Tools That Will Help You on Your Ring-searching Journey

A question I get a lot from gentlemen (and sometimes ladies!) who are planning to propose to their significant other, is how to purchase an engagement ring of the right size without giving away the surprise? On the other hand, some friends who have set their heart on rings from online shops have come to me with the question: how do I order the right size when I can’t try on the ring in person?

Diamond rings are no trivial purchase as they often cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more. For those purchased online, it would be a hassle to send the ring back for resizing. If used as an engagement ring, it would be best to have a close enough fit on the first try! It’s actually not hard to accurately measure the ring size yourself. Read on for our recommendation on 3 virtual and physical ways to do so. Also, don’t forget to download our useful freebie – a printable Ring Sizing Guide!

Virtual vs. physical ring size measuring methods:

✨ Virtual Tools

1. Ring Sizer Apps

Nowadays there’s a mobile app for virtually anything (pun intended)! What used to be physical ring size charts now come in app versions and here’s a couple I would recommend.

For iOS users, this Ring Sizer & Ruler - Measure app is incredibly easy to use:

  • Open the app on your mobile phone

  • Put the ring on the white circle on the phone screen

  • Use the slider to align the edges of the circle with the inner circumference of your ring

  • Select the size measurement format (US、AU/GB、EU/ISO、JP/CN)

  • The app will show your ring size as well as the diameter in mm

For Android phones, RingFit is recommended.

The way to use is similar to the Ring Sizer app above. Simply place the ring on the circle on the screen and slide the adjuster until the ring’s inner circumference matches up with the circle.

✨Physical Tools

2. Ring Size Chart

For those who already have a ring they frequently wear, the most reliable and accurate way to get the ring size would be to use a ring size chart.

Basically the traditional, real-life version of the ring size apps above, print-out ring size charts work by placing the ring on the circle that is the closest fit with the inner circumference. If your existing ring is in between two sizes, go for the larger size. Download Laine Jewellery’s ring size chart here.

3. Paper Sizer

Download and print Laine Jewellery’s customised “Ring Sizing Guide” according to the print instructions on the sheet. Cut out the Paper Sizer.

Assemble the Paper Size and wrap it around the desired finger, gently adjust the loop size so that it fits comfortably around the figure. The number that lines up next to the slit is your ring size. If you have slim finger but big joint, make sure you are able to remove the Paper Size from the finger after tightening it.

Tips: Timing matters!

  • Due to circulation, our fingers will swell as the day goes on. By the evening, the fingers will be at their largest. Therefore the most ideal time to measure the ring size would be at night instead of in the morning.

  • The weather and temperature would also impact the size as fingers might shrink with the cold. Avoid measuring the ring size when the body or temperature is cold.

  • Usually the fingers on your dominant hand (i.e. the hand you write with) are bigger than the other hand. Always measure the exact finger on which you intend to wear the ring.

Bonus Advice!

  1. After self-measurement, if you are still not entirely sure of the size, I would recommend ordering a slightly larger size, then resizing it after trying it on.

  2. But! Not all styles can be resized, for example, eternity rings with mounted diamonds encircling the entire band; and open rings, which do not have a full circle band. For these styles that don’t allow for resizing, it is safer to pick a slightly larger size and leave sufficient room.

  3. If the band is half-mounted with diamonds, it could generally be resized to 2-3 sizes up or down.

Lastly, a gentle reminder😆: the size of the fingers are affected by a myriad of factors – weather, time of day, body weight, etc. – and there is no such thing as the “perfect size”. The finger size could easily vary by one size. Therefore the general rule of thumb is to go for a larger size.

Feel free to get in touch with Laine Jewellery for recommendations and advice on diamonds or customised rings! I offer free consultation services every Friday at my studio at Two ifc, bookings required. Interested parties please make a reservation through Whatsapp or Laine Jewellery’s Facebook page!

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