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Celebrating 3 Sweet Years at Laine Jewellery ✨

Today is 20 May and… Laine Jewellery is turning 3!

3 years have passed in a flash and while it has been mostly joyful, it is not without some hiccups which are nonetheless memorable! When I first set out to create the brand, never would I have expected that two thirds of the time since then has been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time, various brand activities and product planning have unfortunately been thrown into disarray due to social and travel restrictions. Because of the disrupted production at the atelier and logistics arrangements, lead times and delivery dates of bespoke jewellery pieces had become hard to predict and manage. Faced with delays and unknown shipping schedules while anticipating their custom-made jewellery, our dear customers have remained patient and understanding. For this, I wish to express my deepest gratitude💗.

The silver lining – despite all the challenges, the pandemic has really put things into perspective. We are truly grateful for the brand’s loyal friends, customers, followers and supporters who have endlessly shown their support to Laine Jewellery even during the times of social distancing. These 3 years have been filled with sweet and special moments 🥰.

🎉A little record of our milestones:

In these 3 years, Laine Jewellery ...

💎 was founded and the website was launched. Last year, the website was upgraded to offer online shopping services too!

💎 continued to expand its clientele, reaching customers from 8 countries and regions, thanks to the supporters from all over the world

💎 launched its signature ‘Sakura’ and ‘Aurora’ collections

💎 helped at least 15 customers design bespoke engagement rings and successfully propose!

A Sweet New Addition — Macaron Collection 💜

On our 3rd birthday, we’re not indulging in birthday cake, but in oh-so-exquisite macarons! Pastel colours have always been one of Laine Jewellery’s favourite palettes, as the delicious candy hues have the power to lift one’s spirits instantly.

While sourcing diamonds and gemstones for a client, I came across a selection of gemstones in beautiful candy colours, sparking the idea for the brand new ‘Macaron Collection’. The collection features pastel-toned gemstones, including coloured sapphires, morganite, aquamarine, etc. Customers can choose from various cuts and designs. More designs will soon be launched. In the meantime, interested customers can contact us for more details.

🎁 2 Exciting Offers to Celebrate Our 3rd Birthday!

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, Laine Jewellery has launched 2 exclusive offers:

1. From now till 31 May 2022, enjoy a one-off HK$520 discount upon a single transaction of HK$8,000. To enjoy the offer, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, and apply the promo code ‘happy520’ at checkout. Each customer may use this offer once only.

2. Receive a complimentary velvet jewellery box 💝 with any purchase over HK$10,000 (after discount). Colour options include grey and lilac, an exclusive limited edition to commemorate the launch of the Macaron Collection💜. Limited quantity, while stocks last.

🛍️ One more thing – we accept Consumption Vouchers from the HKSAR’s consumption voucher scheme too!

I offer free consultation services every Friday at my studio at Two ifc, bookings are required. Interested parties please make a reservation through Whatsapp or Laine Jewellery’s Facebook page!

Whatsapp: +852 6819 2038


Elaine 💌


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