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Diamond Clarity Characteristics – Part 2

A Guide to Reading GIA Clarity Plotting Symbols for Blemishes 🧐

The “clarity” out of the 4Cs is of essence for selecting a dazzling diamond, yet the various internal and external characteristics of a diamond would impact its clarity to different extents. In last month’s blog, we introduced “inclusions” (internal characteristics) as well as the diamond clarity plotting diagram on a GIA Diamond Grading Report. If you missed this highly informative article, read it here!

Each GIA Diamond Grading Report features a diamond clarity plotting diagram under the “Clarity Characteristics” section. This diagram maps out the inclusions and “blemishes” (external characteristics) of the diamond in red and green markings, indicating their size and position:

  • Red: most inclusions

  • Green: blemishes and/or naturals

  • Black: extra facets

Out of the 2 types of characteristics, we’ve talked about inclusions last month. This time we will delve into blemishes. Let’s see what those green and black lines represent, as well as the features, cause and appearance of each type of blemish!

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Want to find out more about “clarity”? Read Laine Jewellery’s info section here which introduces the GIA Clarity Scale, its 6 categories and 11 specific grades.

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