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Laine Jewellery is 2 Years Young! ✨

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

It all started with a little dream, and after much preparation, Laine Jewellery was born today 2 years ago.

Looking back, I founded Laine Jewellery out of my love for jewellery. I’ve always been fond of all things fine and beautiful, especially exquisite, thoughtful designs. I am very much grateful for being able to turn my hobby into a career and owe my thanks to my clients and friends for their trust and support.

I started my journey in the jewellery industry in 2011, exactly a decade ago. I completed the GIA Gemologist course in 2015 and subsequently the GIA Jewelry Design Certificate in 2016 with a scholarship granted by GIA.

I first started out working at different jewellery companies, until I established Laine Jewellery in late 2018 and had it officially launched online in May 2019. Laine Jewellery specialises in providing bespoke jewellery design and production services for clients as well as jewellery resetting, which refers to the redesigning or repurposing of existing pieces of jewellery.

Unique Jewellery Designed for Each Individual

Jewellery is a highly personal preference. Therefore, I provide free one-on-one consultation services for each client before commencing the project. After understanding their personal style and wishes, I will propose a new design for resetting their jewellery piece.

Sometimes, a whole new piece of jewellery can be created by simply adding a few small melee diamonds. Each melee diamond is personally handpicked by myself and is usually D-F in colour and of VS clarity. Each diamond above 0.30cts comes with its own internationally recognised GIA certificate. I’ll also show clients how to view and examine a diamond using a loupe, especially the laser inscription at the diamond’s girdle, as well as sharing tips about the 4C’s.

Petite Joys of Work: Helping Clients with their Proposal 💍

Not only do clients order custom-made jewellery for personal use, I also receive requests every year from clients preparing to propose. They are usually seeking an engagement ring or wedding band with a customised design and mounted with the perfect diamond that would please their significant other. It’s a huge joy to be able to be a part of my clients’ life-changing moments!

💫 Our Bestselling Series — Aurora Collection

How dreamy it is to be able to wear the northern lights? This was the concept behind one of our bestselling collections — Aurora. This collection uses quality diamonds and gemstones of different tones to create a delicate gradient effect. It takes great expertise to select gemstones of the perfect shade so that they display the perfect dégradé when mounted in linear form.

Take the highly popular blue gradient bangle as an example, each bangle uses over 30 sapphires in varying shades to create the desired effect.

This collection is custom-made based on clients’ gemstone of choice, ranging from white diamonds, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, purple sapphires, pink sapphires to rubies. Every single gemstone used in this collection features a quality diamond cut.

A vast range of colour combinations are available, such as red to pink to white gradient, blue to white, yellow to white, and blue to purple to pink gradient. Each colour range is personalised and totally customisable while the bangles are made to measure. Lead time is around 4 to 8 weeks.

🌸 Our Latest Collection: Romantic Sakuras

Laine Jewellery launched the brand new Sakura Collection especially during bloom season, capturing the transient beauty of cherry blossoms in lasting pieces of beautiful, collectible jewellery.

The meticulously designed Sakura Collection was first conceived in 2019 and finally launched in 2021. Each petal is crafted from a natural mother-of-pearl personally handpicked by myself, and comes in two natural colours — pink and white. Both the earrings and pendants are designed with a detachable jacket, allowing them to be worn either with or without the jacket. This allows for two styles in one and plenty of styling opportunities for your look of the day. This collection requires around 4 to 6 weeks to make.

Both ‘organic gemstones’, pearls and mother-of-pearls are softer in texture and can be scratched more easily. Check out this blog article for tips on storing and maintaining your pearl and mother-of-pearl jewellery.

2nd Anniversary Special Offer

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Laine Jewellery, customers can receive a complimentary exclusive velvet jewellery box 💝 with any purchase over HK$10,000 and by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

I offer free consultation services every Friday at my studio at Two ifc, bookings required. Interested parties please make a reservation through Whatsapp or Laine Jewellery’s Facebook page!

Whatsapp: +852 6819 2038


Elaine 💌


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