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Celebrating the Launch of Laine Sparkle Lab✨

Introduction to Lab Grown Diamonds Part 2

As Laine Jewellery celebrates its 4th birthday today on 20 May, we’re beyond excited to announce the arrival of its “baby sister” – Laine Sparkle Lab!

With a love and fascination for natural diamonds, I founded Laine Jewellery in 2019 after professionally qualifying as a GIA Graduate Gemologist in 2015. In the past 4 years, Laine Jewellery has found the dream diamond jewellery for many satisfied customers – pretty much like a matchmaker!

One noticeable and undeniable trend on the precious gem scene in recent years is the rise of lab grown diamonds💎, which have become an increasingly sought-after alternative to natural diamonds. Especially with the swift technological advancement mainly in the last 5 years, lab grown diamonds are now virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds by the naked eye. As a GIA gemologist myself, I have looked into the benefits of lab grown diamonds and become enamoured by its potential and comparable sparkle.

It brings me the greatest joy when customers are able to find their perfect match (both their significant other and diamond jewellery of course!), and more and more customers have been enquiring about more value-for-money and sustainable options. Hence, Laine Sparkle Lab was born💁🏼‍♀️.

Laine Sparkle Lab is a celebration of all the things you love about Laine Jewellery – beautiful, customisable designs and attentive personalised service – with the added perks of affordability and sustainability which lab grown diamonds are known for.

After a personalised one-on-one free consultation to understand each customer’s preferences and needs, Laine Sparkle Lab takes care of the rest, from handpicking the ideal lab grown diamond that checks the customer’s wishlist, to creating the perfect piece of jewellery. Each lab grown diamond comes with IGI (​​International Gemological Institute) or GIA certification and a unique laser-inscribed number. We also offer considerate after-sales service, and one-time complimentary inscription and sizing.

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How are lab grown diamonds created?

In last month’s blog entry, we introduced the basics of lab grown diamonds and the reasons they are fast gaining traction as a sustainable alternative to natural diamonds. Enticed? Read on for more about LGDs in this instalment.

There are 2 main production methods for lab grown diamonds: the high pressure high temperature process (HPHT) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD). Both methods can effectively create high-quality, authentic diamonds, which are physically, chemically and optically identical to those found in nature.

CVD, being the more recently invented production method with only a decade’s history, can grow diamonds in a bigger size, within a shorter period and at a relatively lower cost. On the other hand, the HPHT method can achieve colour of a higher grading but the diamonds are smaller in size. Laine Sparkle Lab specialises in both types of lab grown diamonds, sourced according to individual customers’ requests.

The main similarities and differences of HPHT and CVD diamonds are illustrated in this chart:

HPHT vs. CVD Lab Grown Diamonds 🧐

The varying growth morphology of different rough diamonds based on how they grew. This shape is lost after the diamond is cut and polished.

Image credit:

🎁 Exclusive Gift to Celebrate Our 4th Birthday!

A special gift, from us to you, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Laine Jewellery:

Receive a complimentary velvet travel jewellery box with mirror 💝 with any purchase (no minimum spend). Colour options include baby blue and candy pink.

Limited quantity, while stocks last.

Feel free to get in touch with Laine Jewellery and Laine Sparkle Lab for recommendations and advice on natural and lab grown diamonds or customised rings! I offer free consultation services every Friday at my studio at Two ifc, bookings required.

Interested parties please make a reservation through Whatsapp or Laine Jewellery’s Facebook page!

Whatsapp: +852 6819 2038


Elaine 💌


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