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Is it always better to buy a diamond with a grading report?

7 Must-know Facts About Diamond Verification

Pretty much the way a marriage certificate signifies the holy bond of matrimony, do diamonds also need a form of documentation to prove their value? Of all the diamond certifications, which ones are the best and most credible? Here are the answers to the most common questions about diamond verification!


Certificates are like a diamond’s “identity card”. How do you identify a diamond with its certification?

Since it’s an “identity card”, it also comes with an “identity card number”! Each diamond that has been graded by GIA is given a unique GIA Report Registry number which is also printed on the grading report. This number is permanently registered in GIA’s archive database and therefore, the diamond’s grading information can be looked up using the “Report Check” function on GIA’s official website. For most diamonds, the GIA Report Registry number is micro-laser inscribed onto the diamond’s girdle (thin outer edge) as identification.

🔗 GIA Report Check:

A diamond’s GIA Report Registry number is printed on its grading report.

Image credit: GIA


Can the GIA Report Registry number on the diamond’s girdle be viewed by the naked eye?

The GIA laser inscription is microscopic and hence invisible to the naked eye! 10x magnification is required to view the inscription.

The GIA inscription on a diamond’s girdle.

Image credit: GIA


Does every single diamond graded by GIA have a laser inscription on its girdle?

Not necessarily! After grading by GIA, the customer can choose to have the unique GIA Report Registry number laser inscribed on the diamond’s girdle at an additional fee. They could also choose to inscribe a personal message, such as “I Love You” or a special date.

Furthermore, some diamond owners deliberately choose not to have the number inscribed on the diamond, especially larger diamonds (1 carat or above) which they intend for collection. On the other hand, most diamonds under 1 carat usually have the laser inscription.


Why is diamond certification important?

There are several benefits to having your diamond graded and verified:

  1. It verifies that the diamond is natural and not lab-grown.

  2. It provides an expert analysis of the quality of a diamond based on the 4Cs of diamond grading: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight.


What diamond certification labs are there? Which ones are more reliable and well-respected?

Apart from the industry-leading GIA, there are several diamond certification labs internationally. However, different labs have different methodologies and grading standards, and their creditability and reputation also vary. Look into the details carefully before deciding which diamond certification to go for.

Internationally well-known diamond certifications:

  • Gemological Institute of America(GIA)

  • American Gem Society(AGS)

  • International Gemological Institute(IGI)

  • Hoge Raad voor Diamont Antwerp(HRD)

  • European Gemological Laboratory(EGL)

Generally speaking, GIA and IGI are the most accredited due to their rigorous lab grading standards. Many legal, insurance documents as well as major auction houses would only recognise these 2 diamond certifications. HRD, based in Antwerp, Belgium, is less internationally acknowledged. As for IGI, as its service scope includes lab-grown diamonds in addition to natural diamonds, it is quite popular for verifying lab-grown diamonds. A rule of thumb when picking a diamond certification entity: the most reliable labs should be independent and not be affiliated with the jewellers.


Can I get any diamond verified?

Different labs have different test standards and specialities, so the answer to this question could be quite different! Based on GIA’s requirements, their grading services are only applicable diamonds meeting the following criteria:

  • Colour D-Z

  • At least 0.15 carat weight

  • Unmounted natural diamonds

At Laine Jewellery, all natural diamonds weighing 0.30 carats or more come with a GIA Diamond Grading Report.


Are all diamonds with a certificate/grading report definitely better in quality?

Just because a diamond comes with certification does not automatically mean it’s a quality diamond! The purpose of certification is to verify that it is a natural diamond, as well as reflecting its 4Cs grading. The diamond’s quality largely depends on factors including its carat weight and 4Cs, which means that not every certified diamond is necessarily of good quality. Diamonds of good value for money can be found in each grading. Tips: Select diamonds without inclusions at the table (top facet), or without black inclusions.

In next month’s blog entry, we will be sharing more about GIA and IGI diamond grading services. Stay tuned.

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